2 Ways To Improve Your Advice Business With Smart Design

Hey everybody and welcome to this week’s podcast.

I wanted to talk about today  are where advisers go wrong with design and how to fix it?

What I noticed a lot recently is seeing bunch of websites and branding for advisers, not everyone but a number of advisers is unaware  to be desired in the way they build their brands.

This usually happens because they are busy and they keep going and going and going and don’t have a chance to actually update everything to match.

What I mean by this is there’s two things I wanna talk about.

1. Branding Builds Trust

The importance of branding for an adviser is that,  we’re in an industry where there’s a very little cost to run your business.

You know for bar compliance and few other pieces, your brand is actually all you have.

And for me your brand is made up of lot of different things.

DepCanvas.ComEverything from your website, business cards, marketing material, social media like your LinkedIn header, all that are being used and having all that connected is the very key.

But it’s also stuff like making sure email addresses are easily accessible and that your forms, your needs analysis has been branded for your company.

Little things like these, build the trust with your client and having a really consistent brand profile from start to finish, really does build trust.

Another way to look at it is that your process, is actually your brand.

You know, every adviser does certain things exactly the same way. You have to fill a prop and you have to do this, that and the other.

But your brand is actually built on the process you take your client from start to finish.

So, it’s important that the brand works and it all makes sense.

And the second thing around that is consistency, making sure it is all consistent.

If you added things over time and it’s not consistent like forms don’t match, etc. It’s important to check them out and get someone to fix them.

Secondly, the other thing I really wanted to talk about, this is the really valuable one in my opinion is “What’s in it for me design?”

2. What’s in it for me to design?

I’ve got a great example and a story on this one.

A client of ours who’s actually a lawyer, does work for professionals, professional advisers, lawyer and accounting as well.

And he was looking for a banner that pulls up outside an expo in an event.

Now when I was speaking with Brent, he has a beautiful brand and it looks really nice, but he wasn’t a 100% sure what to have on this pull-up banner.

We went through what he does and it was things like dispute resolution, insolvency, etc.

But what I positioned it with him is that on this banner what is his goal? What is in it for the client? What is actually in it for the person who will see it?

If you just put up a banner with your brand and a list of things you can do. You’re not always likely to get people coming up to you.

They will read it, they prejudge what you can do, they go “That’s not for me” and walk away.

I asked Brent, “What about positioning your banner with the result you get for clients?”.

So, he’s in the debt recovery side of lawyer and stuff. Basically what he does is he solves problem and he gets people paid. That is what he does.

So, what we’re doing for him is that we’re putting that wording with his brand smack in the middle of this banner.

Now, this wording jumps out on people walking pass and they will ask him “What does that mean?” “What do you do to achieve that?”

We actually want to look at when you’re putting up your banners, flyers and website, “What’s in it for me?” is what you need to be thinking about and when I say “me” this is for your client

It’s very easy to create marketing material and design that talks to what you want to say as oppose to what result you get.

And with insurance, with even lawyers, the result is what you’re selling. People don’t care how you do it. So, it’s really important to think that way.

So, I hope that makes you start thinking about designing in a different way.

We’re also gonna be releasing a special deal shortly. Our designers are doing such a great job.

Have a little look at the bottom of this page and you have an opportunity to work with us.

If you are looking to update any of your design, you’re looking for banners, your website. Get a quote from us. For a limited time we’re doing the first design for free.

So, we’re actually doing the first revision for free to see if you like what we come up with. If you like it, you can continue to work with us but if you don’t, it will cost you nothing.

We believe in our designers so much that once you see the work that they can produce, we know you’ll choose to work with us.

So, I’d like to work with some of you, if you want to.

So, pop down on the bottom of this blog post and see what we can do.

Have a fantastic rest of your day!


Stephen Martin, Creative Director

Having over 8 years of digital marketing experience in web, email & social media marketing space working with advice businesses. He shares with you his 2 cents on strategies, tactics and some of the latest tools advisers are using to improve the way they do business.

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Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
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Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.