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Is a $500 or $15,000 Website Better?

Have you ever thought about it? When you go to get a website you get 7 different people, 7 different prices and a document that looks like they are building the next NASA space shuttle. It gets confusing, you don’t want to make the wrong decision. But most people do. At that point it is…

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What Should You Post On Social Media As An Adviser?

Insurance is boring. It is a hard topic to constantly be sharing quality content that people can actually engage with. You can only share so many product articles and scare mongering articles from the NZ Herald before people switch off. This leads to lower engagement and your posts not showing up as much to your…

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Tactics vs Strategy – Are You Guilty?

Something that really gets my goat, is the misunderstanding between strategy and tactics in marketing. If we put it into insurance terms it is like a client going out and getting a $100,000 policy off of a TV advertisement and thinking that it will protect them. When it does not work they blame the insurance...

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