How Does Accountability Play A Role In Adviser Success?

Hey, guys! Today, we’re on our 3rd and last part for our blog series with Mark Sutherland.
He will give us an insight about Accountability.

How does accountability play a role in adviser success?

There’s one thing that gets in the way of advisers and that is procrastination, it’s so easy to be distracted away from the work that you should be doing to grow your business.

To keep on with a task which is a key thing, “stay on task“, you need to be accountable to somebody. If you have a family, a wife, a husband, you got children, what I say to people is “go in to their bedroom, in the children’s bedroom while they’re sleeping and just look at the wonder of them and listen to them snoring a little and rustling around and just admire your children”.

If that doesn’t drive you to feel like you need to be accountable to them, then nothing will work. You got to look after your family, that’s accountability, right there.

If you struggle with accountability, if you struggle with staying on task, then this is where you might need to get a mentor or a coach.

I’m a coach and I coach a lot of people but I also have my own coach who keeps me on task and make sure that I’m not getting distracted.

She makes sure that I am accountable to myself and to my family and doing the job that I need to do.
Now as a coach I design this program called “The 48-Hour Accountability Program” it’s a really simple thing.

Basically, what it is, is that my clients tell me what their goals are for 48 hours and I either says “Yup, that’s good!” or “that’s too much” or “that’s not enough” and we have a conversation about it and we get that goal that they want to achieve for 48 hours and I make them accountable to me.

When they do that process, they sent me the results every 48 hours to let me know what they have achieved out of that 48 hour goal that they set.

If I think they’ve been a bit soft I’ll call them out and say “You can do better that this and you know you can.” So let’s get it done a little bit better and a little bit smarter. Or we have another conversation about saying “Fantastic, good job, well done and what’s your next 48 hours goal?”

By doing that over and over and over again it makes the accountability work. Because I’m on their side, I’ve got their back and my job is to either call them out or pat them on the back. Most of the time I’m patting them on the back because they’re staying on task and they are following through on what they need to do.

Accountability can also be just a mentor, wise ones, somebody that you know well. They can be your spouse, it can be a friend who you really trust who might be good in business and what have you.

But the most important thing is that you need to make sure that you actually hold yourself to accountability about what you want to achieve in your business.

When you wake up in the morning and go to work it’s not about what you have to do but it’s about “WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE?” and when you set that achievement goal for that particular day, then that’s what you should be ACCOUNTABLE TO.

So there you go, its ACCOUNTABILITY! It works! Cheers!

Mark Sutherland

Stephen Martin, Creative Director

Having over 8 years of digital marketing experience in web, email & social media marketing space working with advice businesses. He shares with you his 2 cents on strategies, tactics and some of the latest tools advisers are using to improve the way they do business.

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Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
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Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.