How to Run a Successful Business Card Draw

Easy way to grow the people you play Tennis with.

This age old tactic still has its place. It is even more valuable when you place these prospects into your Funnel.



To start with, You need a bowl for entries – these can be purchased quite easily from a local homewear or larger retailer.

Remember not to make it to large as it has to sit on the counter of the cafe or location you have chosen (remember it does not have to be a cafe).

Next you have to decide what prize you will offer. Standardly these range from $25 – $50 of vouchers at the location you have chosen. This is an incentive so the location running the draw gets something out of the mix.

You now need to print off a section for the top of the bowl. We have included a simple template below but you are welcome to edit this as you see fit.


By clearly letting people know they will be added to your database this protects you. Some advisers choose to make everyone a winner but they have to have a 30 minute meeting with you to qualify for the voucher. This is not how the above has set-up but you are welcome to test and measure.




Think about who you want on your database. If you focus more on executives you may pick a more central location in your city. If it is more families by choosing suburbs that may work better for you.
You ideally want to set your first draw up and get a feel for how it is working and then you can approach more.

For every 5 locations, possibly 1 will take it up. Don’t get disheartened the work is worth it.

Make sure you take the locations logo (can easily be downloaded by right clicking on the logo on there website and saving to your desktop).

If you have access to laminate the sign at the top go for it. Drop off the bowl and set a time to pick up the cards. Usually 2 weeks after the first drop will give you a good number of cards then monthly from then on.




It is your choice how you go about this for the winner. You can pick one card at random and let them know or choose to create more winners and set-up appointments.

Results we hear is that this strategy may get 10 – 15% of people to sit down with you. But the real value is adding these people into your Automatic Tennis Machine to be marketed to.

You know already they are interested in competitions so our competition campaign works a treat.


Stephen Martin, Creative Director

Having over 8 years of digital marketing experience in web, email & social media marketing space working with advice businesses. He shares with you his 2 cents on strategies, tactics and some of the latest tools advisers are using to improve the way they do business.

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Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
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Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.