Tactics vs Strategy – Are You Guilty?

Something that really gets my goat, is the misunderstanding between strategy and tactics in marketing.

If we put it into insurance terms it is like a client going out and getting a $100,000 policy off of a TV advertisement and thinking that it will protect them.

When it does not work they blame the insurance company, not that they did not actually have a plan (or strategy).

They have chosen 1 tactic (life insurance) to help mitigate the risk as they see it with their limited understanding. Would you agree?

The same happens with marketing. Many advisers go through the feast or famine marketing flow. One minute they are busy, head down. Then they look at the diary and it is empty. They have 3 meetings cancel and they sit staring at the phone. That fear comes over them.

They look for quick win tactics that usually offer poor results but make them feel busy.

They want to invest marketing dollars in tactics that get leads. Without a true strategy and sometimes not even a clear goal of what success looks like.

I don’t usually give away our IP but I wanted to show you what a strategy session with us results in. Feel free to use this plan and adjust. If you need help get in touch.

The plan below uses the SMART process for picking a goal and then breaking it down in to how you can achieve it. A refresher on what SMART stands for is:

Specific – Is it focussed on 1 end result?
Measurable – Can you meassure if you have won or lost?
Actionable – Can the information be used to improve performance?
Relevant – Can the information be applied to the specific problem faced by the manager?
Time-related – Can the information be viewed through time 3,6,12 monthly?

Now the plan below is for a single advisers wanting to grow what he does in a 12 month period. The numbers in my opinion are low and could be higher but he wanted a good lifestyle (we have got permission to share this).


  • Increase Issued New Business by 35,000 in API for 2017.


  • Improve Issued Policies From New Appointment by 10% ($10,000 in API based on last year numbers)
  • Proactively Go From 10 Client Referrals To 15 Client Referrals This Year ($10,000 in API based on last years numbers)
  • Grow Accountant Referrals by 25% ($15,000 API increase based on last years numbers)


1. Improve current client experience & touch points for new clients & reviews
2. Add monthly newsletter & referral incentives for client-base
3. Deliver campaigns that accountants can use with their client-base


1a. Implement ShareThis.Video – Sales process videos on automation
1b. Improve qualifying call questions to weed out clients I can’t help
1c. Add feedback survey to learn what clients suggest we improve

2a. Send monthly videos to client base to show products we offer
2b. $100 closed referral incentive – pick someone
2c. Ask for referrals in our video feedback system
2d. Track who is watching our monthly videos and call 10 per month to say hello

3a. Pick 3 accountants and work closely with and nurture relationship
3b. 3 monthly campaigns adding value to accountants client base
3c. Run telemarketing campaign to the accountant’s database – MFA team

Now this strategy uses a video marketing service called ShareThis.Video.

Take the time to write your own plan. It will make a huge difference in your next 12 months. 🙂

Stephen Martin, Creative Director

Having over 8 years of digital marketing experience in web, email & social media marketing space working with advice businesses. He shares with you his 2 cents on strategies, tactics and some of the latest tools advisers are using to improve the way they do business.

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Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
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Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.