Looking for a telemarketing team who specialises in getting introductions for financial advisers?

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Specialists in calling for advisers in a variety of different industries.


We have a variety of campaigns to suit exactly what you need.


No long term contracts & pay as you go plans make it a breeze.

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Database Cleanse

When was the last time you called everyone on your database? A cleanse helps:

  • Your clients feel valued
  • Updates key details
  • Finds new opportunities
  • Can get you a bunch of referrals

If you have not called your database in 1 – 2 years this is a great starting point.

Accountant Joint Venture

Imagine if you could give a telemarketer a warm list of prospects, one where trust already existed?

Do you think the results would be better?
If you have an accountant who likes to refer you but is not very consistent – then this is the perfect campaign for you. Let us add value to your accountant and get you more appointments.

Ask me how.


Don’t invest too much until you know it works.

We find 8 hours is the perfect amount of time to test a campaign. We are open in trying your campaign, you can also ask us about our 3 proven campaigns that work.

Get 8 Hours of calling for $399 + GST including setup.