The Bulletproof Plan: For Building an Insurance Advice Website

Congratulations. You have finally found it….the resource designed for advisers who want to drive appointments – not just build something to gather dust online. The fact you’re even here means our marketing worked and you can rest assured we know what we’re doing.

We’ve created an end to end road map consisting of just 3 clear steps every adviser must consider before handing over hard earned $$$.

This is for you.

If you are in the advice industry and not quite sure where to start, you are not alone. Advisers of all levels get stuck when it comes to building a profitable website.

Sounds familiar?

Whether you are a new adviser or one that has been in the industry for years – understanding the fundamentals is key.  But like many of your own prospects who chose not to follow your advice, advisers suffer the same fate.

Going direct to a website developer before having a clear plan in place, generally leads to a very expensive failure.

If you want to de-risk getting a website, this resource is for you.

The 3 Step System for Success Online

It’s the same system used by the world’s top coaches, accounting firms, leading wall street experts and financial advisers at the top of their game.

When executed correctly you don’t build a website, you build an asset that will add $10,000’s of value to your business.

If you are after ‘just another brochure website’ this is not the right article for you.

But if you are a One-Man-Band or company of many, then join the 100’s of advisers using this exact strategy to get the clear result you are looking for.

Make a Commitment to your future

I just ask you take the time to read this page carefully, and commit to applying its principles. (hint: This is the stuff web designers don’t teach you.)

Let’s start where Most Advisers go wrong

I’m not going to lie…..selling advice is not easy. For a number of reasons, people are not always lining up to buy tickets to the ‘advice’ show.

So before you even consider a website, would it make sense to consider what the perfect website might deliver? What does success look like for you? Know the end-game before starting out.

The answer for most advisers is More Business.

You want decent leads,  the ones that won’t put the phone down when you call.

[You may also want a website to hold client files, to show your disclosure document and download forms. I get that. But those sites are usually languishing at the bottom of the results tree. They serve a purpose, they help make you efficient, but they don’t grow your business.]

A Website that Delivers

In our experience websites generate 3 key types of leads and depending on your focus it can help with all, some or none.

Hot Leads – You might get away with not even having a website for these. These are the people that call you or email you directly.

They occasionally check you out online first so as long as you have a few testimonials up, a nice picture and some contact details – you are usually safe.

The website we will go on to talk about helps capture the few that fall between the gaps & helps generate upsells & cross-sells.

Warm Leads – Now we start to get into the psychology of a great website.

A warm lead has some intent on knowing what you have to offer. But may not know who you are or may have had a loose introduction from a third party.

They need to be ‘wooed’ to contact you. They are probably apprehensive or may have been referred to multiple competitors.

How do you stand out as the right choice. How do you make them choose you?

I promise we will get to that further on.

Cold Leads –  This accounts for 99% of people in the world who have not approached you, are not actively looking for what you advise on and need to be shown they have a problem first, before you get the opportunity to solve it.  

These leads can come from a variety of sources – Telemarketers, door knockers, flyer drops to just name a few.

These techniques are getting harder and harder – recently we have heard door knocking lead generators going out of business and telemarketers turning away certain advisers.

Why? They just can’t get a good return on investment.

In 2017 the playing field has changed. Old techniques are not working. Old websites are not working.

Change or be forgotten.

After years of research, we’ve defined the evergreen website that will not only grow with your business, but will give your visitors what they need to take action.
The 3 steps when executed correctly will fill your diary with people chasing you, not the other way around. Now wouldn’t that be a welcome change?

Step 1: It’s a relationship not a one night stand

When I first started out. The internet was like the wild west, which had its advantages. 

It was like picking low hanging fruit.

I think of it like a timid, not so handsome guy being able to pick up the woman of his dreams at the end of the bar, every time.

But like with many things, times have changed.

That woman has more choices than ever.  She is pickier with who she chooses and is not going to go out with just anybody.

You may already be feeling the crunch from Robo Advice, I can tell you this will only get worse.

So the ‘would you like a quote’ line by advisers will no longer cut it. What weapons do you have in this david vs goliath fight. How can you beat the robots?

The answer is surprisingly simple. The one weapon they don’t have, which is the ability to build a trusted relationship.

We all want people to care about us.

For instance, the hairdresser really taking her(or his) time to help us choose a great style, picked just for us or the car dealer who actually listens to our needs instead of trying to just sell us ‘a car’. How about the waiter who spends time going through the wine list to ensure we get the best match to the food we’ve chosen.

The same goes online.

Just give a little

In any relationship you need to give before you receive.

The average adviser website is a list of different types of cover & a come see me form.

Let’s say if you are getting 1 or 2 contacts from 100 visitors then you are doing well with this format.

So how do you transition your website to actually build that relationship, show you care and get your visitors chasing you?

It comes back to giving, while asking nothing in return.

[Don’t worry, I have not lost my mind, and I have not skipped my medication]

It is about providing value first.

I am doing this right now to you. I am giving you everything I know about building a website that delivers you clients. Did you have to give me your email address to get this? No. Am I charging you for this expertise? No

I am giving you this as I know it will provide value to your business.

I know some of the advisers reading this will enjoy it and do nothing, some will spend countless hours trying to do it themselves…and that is their choice..

But I do know a % of advisers will say Stephen – can you help us implement what you have taught us.

Does that make sense?

It is the exact same way with your own website. You must give your best, top shelf, life changing advice away. The days of believing that you own the IP is long gone, get over it.

Let me paint a picture. We will use Kiwisaver as an example.

A parent with 2 small children, lets call her Lesley,  is scrolling through facebook and sees a piece of content you have produced titled – ‘Are your children being left behind with Kiwisaver.’

It is a value packed article that explains the exact process a parent should go through to make a decision on whether Kiwisaver is right for the child, how to consider what funds to work with and what is the right investment at what age of the client.

Maybe it has a video or an audio too.

That parent clicks on the article, they watch the video, read the content and go wow. That article is so helpful!

See an example below of how a facebook ad may look directing people to that blog post.

Do you think that puts them in a good frame of mind? Do they think of you as the expert?

Many will just say what a great article, you may get a few shares and more visitors.

But a % will want more. They will want it done for them.

The door opens.  

You are now in front of someone who trusts your expertise. You have explained a problem they may not have been aware of. You have positioned the problem and yourself as the expert with the solution.  

Once you have trust, could you help them with something else? Insurance and a mortgage perhaps?

This is just one example.

But this simple strategy applies to 10,000’s of angles on every small piece of advice you could be giving.

Applying to your business

Your website must deliver value before you ask for anything in return. Take a back seat and let your advice be the centre of attention.

We do this ourselves through having our content front and centre on our home page, our meticulously designed blog where every feature, word  & image has a purpose.

We let content be king and allow our educating posts to do the speaking.

If you are interested in why we do everything on our website home page you can download a footnoted map that you can apply yourself below:

What steps can you take next?

1. Consider making your blog your home page, let people arrive at your expertise and not at your ‘look at me’ page.
2. Commit to producing great content or having it produced for you (even if it is every 2 – 3 weeks)
3. Decide to let you advice speak for you.

Stephen Martin, Creative Director

Having over 8 years of digital marketing experience in web, email & social media marketing space working with advice businesses. He shares with you his 2 cents on strategies, tactics and some of the latest tools advisers are using to improve the way they do business.

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Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
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Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.
Not sitting in front of enough prospects? Do Adviser Marketing Better.